In 2008 Jurg von Ins was looking for a long distance cruising. The challenge: a fast yacht, seaworthy, comfortable and luxurious! There were nothing on the market which fulfils all these criteria. The solution: Set out his own specifications and bring all the best people together to realise the project.

To draw this unique boat, he called on Sebastien Schmidt whose reputation with fast hulls and ultimate precision in multihull design goes way beyond the Swiss border. We have him to thank for the incredible Decision 35 and also Gitana.

So this is how SwissCat Yachts came to be, with the objective of small-scale production of unique catamarans in glass epoxy and carbon, ultra-fast, offering a level of comfort worthy of luxury yachts and an uncompromising build quality and standard of finish.

A year later, the first S2C55 was launched and christened Fantazia. She is today in Australia, and much enjoyed by Steve, who wins all the local races every Sunday while his family can enjoy an exceptionally comfortable yacht.

Currently, the boat’s younger brother, the S2C45 is built in our SCC yard at Balaruc-les-Bains on the Etang de Thau lake in the South of France. The realisation of these exceptional vessels takes our passionate, highly-qualified team eight months to deliver a unique sailboat. The culmination of Swisscat’s pursuit of perfection involves a production manager well-known for his exacting perfectionism and client relations: Fabien Morisseau, who over the course of 30 years’ service to the yachting industry, has set the standard, and whose philosophy and accessibility is entirely based around the requirements of future owners.

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9 November 2017

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9 November 2017

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